What are the hottest careers right now in iGaming?

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Over the past couple of decades online gaming has expanded exponentially and it’s an industry that has continued to thrive and evolve beyond what anyone could have possibly predicted. iGaming itself continues to thrive and the demand for quality and convenient methods in which to game has continued to increase. The iGaming industry is worth around $30 billion and so it comes as no surprise to see that more and more people are becoming interested in working within the industry in some capacity.

The gambling industry has never shied away from new technologies. It continuously and effortlessly appears to adopt and embrace new developments in the world of online and mobile-based technology. This has allowed the industry to grow and reach millions more potential gamers and gamblers around the world. Gambling has been around for hundreds of years and now we live at a time when gambling can be applied to almost anything.

It’s these broadened gambling opportunities and the technologies, such as internet and mobile devices, that have helped the expansion. No longer are potential gamblers restricted by location or opportunity, they can simply open an app on a smartphone or other mobile-based device and place a bet, spin a virtual roulette wheel or even participate in a live poker tournament in a matter of minutes – and all even from the comfort of their own home.


Whilst the industry has found newly recharged interest in gaming-based roles there is also a much richer selection of employment opportunities for those keen on stepping into this hugely money-spinning industry. Like many industries iGaming enjoys a huge following and those working within it have often kick started their careers with traditional roles and then moving up into more highly specialised positions either in the same company or using that experience and knowledge to move across to other businesses.

There are many sought after positions currently in iGaming and some high-level positions that are particularly well compensated. But what companies are best to work for and what job roles are best to take a look at? First and foremost, like many similar industries, location can often be the major factor in selecting where best to find a role of this type. The UK as well as Gibraltar and Malta are a trio of major hubs for iGaming. There are of course other popular locations where iGaming is proving to be a popular and growing all the time.


The UK is one of the biggest homes to gambling in the world and therefore it comes as no surprise to find that iGaming has found a very suitable home here, especially in the city of London. Many of the biggest names, brands and companies in the world of iGaming are based in London in the UK. It’s not just gambling operators but also many popular and recognisable gambling software development companies.

Many software providers can be found operating in London. Gala Bingo, Bwin, Party Digital Entertainment and Unibet (owned by the Kindred Group) are just a handful of popular online gambling companies that are based, or have offices running out of the capital.

Of course it’s not just London as companies such as William Hill and Gala Bingo are based in other cities – in this case Leeds and Nottingham respectively. Other brands can also be found around the United Kingdom including bet365.

Bet365 are one of the biggest iGaming employers in the UK and are based in Stoke-On-Trent. They offer a great selection of careers for potential candidates and often have numerous vacancies, which comes as no surprise when you have to consider that this world-leading gambling company has to please 22 million customers based around the world in more than 200 different countries.


What role you would be mostly interested is indeed a whole different question. What interests you the most about the industry? Jobs such as Pre-Game and In-Game trading roles are available to work in which deals with all the pre-event betting markets and working with live in-play odds respectively. Creating the odds involves a lot of work based on analysis, reports, and other statistics and so Odds Compilation roles are also available and ideal for those who have a good head for numbers and are interested in statistic analysis.

Whilst trading and stats are an important aspect of working in iGaming there’s so much more offered across the board that often many prospective employees may not have even considered. Major gambling operators require online content, affiliate management, risk management, payment administration, and a whole host of various technology and service roles that have to be filled by a dedicated team of developers, marketers, administrators and support.

With so much money involved in the development of new and exciting gaming software it’s important for companies to have the very best gaming developers out there. Frontend Developers, who would be responsible for developing mobile and desktop products, could expect to earn anything between £45,000 and £60,000 per annum. Product Managers working on product strategies and with other brands, particularly in the realm of sport, could earn around £65,000 per year.

Copywriters and editors keen on creating and managing digital content can pickup a salary of around £20,000 and above whilst experienced, customer orientated and commercially driven General Managers and Heads of Gaming could look at receiving around £80,000 a year, which would even include a number of attractive bonuses and other exciting job benefits.

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Landing a well paid job in the iGaming industry is obviously made a lot easier by having experience in these types of roles. Of course many of these roles are quite possible to build up to, and these larger companies offer many chances for growth, employee development and internal promotional opportunities. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel your skill sets could fit within iGaming. Try to focus on what talents and abilities you feel could be beneficial to an industry role and then have a hunt round for your ideal job.