CCO Mats Takes Us Through the Quickspin Years

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To accompany our About Quickspin webpage, we managed to get 5 minutes with one of the co-founders and CCO, Mats Westerlund, so he could give us his own personal spin. Creating a company from the ground-up is no mean feat, but one that Mats, alongside the two others Joachim and Daniel, have continually taken in their stride to transport Quickspin to where it is today.

As Quickspin Casinos is the leading fansite for their content, we pride ourselves on giving you exclusive access to the Swedish games provider so you know the ins and outs of everything that’s going on. We’ve already brought you in depth interviews on things such as their recent slot release Sakura Fortune and their pioneering new reward scheme Achievements, but now we’d like to introduce our readers to Quickspin themselves.

With Mats being there from the very beginning, he was the perfect person to talk to about the early years, their recent relationship with Playtech, and what the future holds.

The Birth of Quickspin was Full of Fun and Opportunity

As we mentioned above, Quickspin was formed by three co-founders – each of whom already had a lot of experience within the online casino industry due to their employment at larger companies. Several slots and games had, therefore, already been created, developed and released by this trio collectively. So, while Quickspin the company may have been taking its first baby steps some 5 years ago, it already had a wealth of experience on its shoulders. Mats describes the actual foundation as simply “why not try this ourselves?”, so they rented a small office alongside another firm and got to work on their first slot – Rapunzel’s Tower.

“It was just a really nice time I think. We had a lot of fun because everything was unclear”

Armed with just one programmer and one artist, Mats reiterated that the experience was “so much fun” as Quickspin could focus purely on this new title with no distractions. Of course, having such limited resources wasn’t exactly ideal, as they did need to “be smart with developing” and get some outside help for the maths side of things, but it was clear from our meeting that the CCO is still particularly proud of their first slot release.

He even states that Rapunzel’s Tower could well be making a reappearance in the online casino world soon, with plans to rework the slot in place for the near future. Not many platforms currently offer it, something that needs to be set right in Mats’ view as he chuckles that “it’s not a bad game at all, actually!”.

Quickspin Still Retain their Independent Status, with Playtech Perks

“Our motto is basically that the company is ‘the home away from home’”

As anyone who has been following Quickspin’s progress will know, the games designer was acquired by Playtech around a year ago. When quizzed on whether this had affected Quickspin in any way, Mats was adamant that it was business as usual. He admits there is more pressure on the team due to the success they’ve had, but this came long before Playtech appeared on the scene. A lot of effort is made to make employees feel welcome too, something we can certainly vouch for having seen this first-hand. Mats describes properly accommodating workers as “the success behind producing quality”.

With regards to Playtech’s involvement, he has nothing but praise for the way they’ve handled the acquisition and moved forward – “They’re not interfering with anything we do, and that works out really well for us”. However, the relationship has opened the door for better distribution of their games – allowing content to travel much further and to newer audiences. He concludes that “for Quickspin, it’s a win-win situation – and hopefully for Playtech as well”.

The Future of Quickspin is Clear: Simply High-Quality Slots

As other slot designers and companies have decided to venture into other areas of online casino in the past, we decided to ask Mats whether this was anything Quickspin would be interested in doing moving forward. We had a feeling what the answer would be, but we thought Mats should be the one to confirm: “The focus will be slots in the future, we have no intention of Live Casino or anything like that”. He also touched upon Playtech having their own operations when it comes to other areas of iGaming entertainment, so Quickspin were only looking towards high-quality slot production.

Despite the company continuing down a path they’ve trodden well, Mats explained that the crucial challenge for them in the future is to keep their identity strong. “The core of Quickspin is a passion for slots”, he proudly states, so the goal is to effectively communicate this to every new employee as soon as they start.

A Thank You from Mats to the Fans

To conclude, Mats took the time to thank Quickspin’s fans for their continued support and enthusiasm for the games they produce. He reaffirms that the company themselves are avid slot players, so their true goal is to create something they would appreciate themselves.

“I hope that the players enjoy them just as much as we do”