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The no deposit bonus incentive is an incredible marketing tool for casinos to bring in new players and as a new player, it’s an opportunity to get used to new machines, learn about the games and have fun without any kind of risk. It’s definitely worth taking advantage of your no deposit bonus offers.

No matter where you are playing online, you are going to be faced with various casinos all proposing that they offer you the best deal.

Remember not to jump the gun, however; pay close attention to what the reviews, reputation, quality and security of the casino are before you sign up. Ensure that the casino you choose is well known and is fully licensed by an accredited authority.

The no deposit bonus is an awesome trend to take advantage of now, but remember to always exercise caution, do your homework and looking into the rules and regulations, T&C’s and fine print of everything before you sign up.


What is a No Deposit Bonus?

When you start playing at a new online casino, it’s always nice to be welcomed with freebies and special offers.

Many online casinos now use free offers and bonuses to show value to new players and this enables players to take their first few spins risk-free, with the potential to win big.

One of the most popular online casino offers that is taking the industry by storm is the no deposit bonus.

A no deposit bonus is a special offer that is used by online gaming websites and casinos to draw in new players. The no deposit bonus means that new players are given a casino bonus, without having to put money in themselves.

It’s a wonderful incentive, particularly for new players, to learn more about playing without the risk of losing their money.

Sir Jackpot
200% up to €100 + 150 free spins
Deposit bonus
20 free spins on Big Bad Wolf
No Deposit bonus
100% up to €25
Deposit bonus
20 no deposit free spins
No Deposit bonus
Mr Green
100% up to €100 + 100 free spins
Deposit bonus
20 no deposit free spins
No Deposit bonus

Without the chance of a high-risk loss, it gives new players time to navigate the website, learn more about the games and actually play before having to decide what to deposit.

The operator gives out the money and it works similar to a “free cash” system, which can then be used by players to try some of the most popular games on offer.

The amount of cash given out in no deposit bonuses vary, but most of the best online casinos will offer €5 and €10 no deposit bonuses for new players.

no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is usually not allowed to be withdrawn immediately, but for players that win off their no deposit bonus, they can then get the cash into their bank account or other banking facilities.

There are often wagering requirements when it comes to no deposit bonuses; this refers to the number of times players will have to play before they can withdraw cash from winnings.

This varies from casino to casino and can be anything from 10 plays up to 60 before the winnings can be converted into cash.


What are the Advantages of a No Deposit Bonus?

With so many online casinos offering a no deposit bonus for new players, it’s obvious that this angle seems to be working. So what are the advantages of a no deposit bonus for players as well as the casino?

Here are the benefits of the no deposit bonus:

  • It’s good for learning: Many new players are nervous to begin online gambling, as they are worried about losing their money through their inexperience. The no deposit bonus gives inexperienced players the opportunity to learn to navigate the website, as well as how to successfully play their favourite games without the risk of losing their money. This is more enjoyable for the players and much more likely to turn them into long-term, loyal customers.
  • It’s incentive for new players: The no deposit bonus is a great marketing scheme for online casinos, as it is a wonderful incentive for new players to join. They are able to get a larger customer group by providing minimal amounts of money. With just this small incentive scheme, they are undoubtedly increasing their earnings through the creation of a bigger player base.
  • You keep the wins: Many people worry that they won’t actually get their cash out of a free play, however, with the no deposit bonus you get to keep your winnings. There is normally a minimum number of plays you’ll have to do before you can withdraw your cash – this depends on the individual casino, it could be as little as 10 or as many as 60 – if you win anything through your no deposit bonus then the cash is yours. Full stop.
  • Risk-free play: There’s nothing that online players love more than a risk-free play that allows them to have the possibility of big winnings on their favourite machines, without having to lose their money.


Which Casinos Offer No Deposit Slots Bonuses?

There are a number of casinos that offer no deposit bonuses and these are just four of many of the examples out there, as taken from our casino operator reviews:


“In October 2016, a group of online casino old-hand experts got together to form a unique, fun online platform and CasinoPop was born.

wagering requirement no deposit bonus

From the modern pop art graphics and ease of use, you can see that the founders know from experience what it is that gamers want from their time.

It’s also evident in every single game that they are also passionate about online casino games, and their enjoyment of the casino world is easy to recognise.

Although the main driving force behind CasinoPop is to create a fun and rewarding platform for players, they also have amazing rewards programmes and other awesome incentives, which make them one of the top online casinos.

1st deposit: 200% up to 50 EUR plus 100 free spins on starburst, aloha or light
Deposit bonus
New welcome bonus that allows players that top up with €/$25 to play with €/$75 + 100 Free Spins
No Deposit bonus
200% up to €50 + 20 super spins
Deposit bonus
No Deposit bonus
200% up to €500 + 100 free spins
Deposit bonus
No Deposit bonus

On the CasinoPop website, you’ll find the reason behind the founding of CasinoPop:

“For the longest time, we believed that there was room in the margin to reward the customers more than the competition does. Instead of whining about it we decided to take out a big bet on it and started”

The casino has also brought out a new welcome bonus that lets players top up with €/$25 that allows them to play with €/$75 and 100 free spins. Now that’s a great welcome bonus to be sure.

Mr Green

“Swedish online casino Mr Green burst onto the scene in 2008 represented by a handsome and mysterious man dressed in a green suit.

Since its inception in the online casino world, it has quickly built itself a solid reputation and established itself as one of the most pioneering casinos right now.

Accepting players from numerous countries including Canada, the casino has won the ‘Online Casino Operator of the Year’ three times in a row so it comes as no surprise, that this casino has become so successful in such a short span time. Hop onboard and join us as we review Mr Green Casino.”

Mr Green Casinos offers new players a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins once they join up.


“This online casino needs very little introduction. Having undergone a stunning re-branding, ComeOn Casino is a veteran casino that offers casino games, sportsbook, a poker client and a live casino rivalling some of the biggest names in the casino industry. You are bound to yell “come on” as you snatch win after win at this casino.


best casinos no deposit


With its green wallpaper and wooden top, ComeOn Casino screams professionality and exhilaration.

You might be forgiven for mistaking this casino for one that lacks thrills as depicted at other casinos. On the contrary, there is a lot going on here that goes beyond the surface.

With a wide selection of game providers and slot games on offer including Quickspin gaming, there is a game to suit everyone’s tastes and to ensure an optimum gaming experience.

With a solid reputation to back it up, ComeOn Casino excels in providing a variety of electrifying promotions and bonuses.”

When it comes to new players, the casino offers 20 no deposit spins for free upon signing up.


“This fresh-faced casino burst onto the scene in 2015, thanks to its innovative approach. Fronted by Captain Rizk, a red-suited superhero whose main job is to power casino winnings into your account, there’s plenty of amusement to be had here. At times, this superhero may be a tad rude but overall, he’s incredibly generous.

Along with a responsive design and warm hues, the casino offers an epic adventure for those who are willing to take it on. The casino’s tagline is “Reel Rewards – No Bullshit”, and you will soon discover why.

Completely focused on casino games, Rizk Casino brings you a powerful concoction of video slots, jackpot games, classic slots, 3D slots, table games and video poker.

However, if you fancy a particular style of game, say you want to play a Hollywood-themed slot game or a horror one, the casino has created filters for you to be able to rise to the occasion.

New players at Rizk get 10 no deposit free spins when they sign up, for instance.


The Best Slots for No Deposit Bonuses

Many of the world’s leading online casinos now offer no deposit slot bonuses. This is due to the increasing evidence that it is an excellent incentive for new, inexperienced players to sign up – as well as old hands looking for some free spins.

Like any other business, casinos are reliant on marketing to ensure the continual growth of the customer base and the use of no deposit bonuses ensures that there is an incentive for a continual growth of new players coming in.

Many of these turn into long-term, loyal customers and improve the casinos overall bottom line and profit.

Quickspin Casinos are renowned for their amazing no deposit bonuses and that’s not all that they excel at.

This is why you’ll see Quickspin slots in almost all of the leaders in online casinos, which cater to the growing demand for modern and entertaining online gambling trends.

no deposit bonus casinopop

This is a team of online game developers that have become known for some of the most iconic, popular online games in the world and they aren’t done yet.

Over the next few years the creators at Quickspin plan on growing considerably and adding even more amazing games to their already well-established portfolio. They have vouched to create new, innovative slots every year that their fans will love.

When it comes to recognition, Quickspin won the award for innovation in RNG in 2016 to beat some of the world’s leading game developers and industry heavyweights.


What is the Difference Between Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses?

Bonuses of all kinds are an excellent marketing tool and incentive that casinos use to get new players to join while rewarding already loyal players. Additional money and free spins are a way to keep players interested and increases the enjoyment of the online casino experience.

However, there are many different types of free spins and bonuses and they all come with their own rules and regulations. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each of the games that you play to ensure that you qualify and stand a better chance of winning.

Some free spins may just be as an added bonus to a game, but others require a certain wagering amount in order to become activated. Make sure that you do your homework before relying on free spins and bonuses for extra money.

So, is there a difference between no deposit bonuses and free spins in the online casino world? Well, yes there is, but they are also used together to add an extra incentive for players to continue depositing money into specific machines. Here, we unpack both of these and show you the differences between the two:

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are predominantly used by casinos to bring in new players to their platform. They usually offer new registrants €5 to €10 deposit amounts to use on machines when they first sign up.

This is an excellent marketing tool, as it allows new, inexperienced players an opportunity to learn more about the machines they are playing and online gambling in general – without the risk of losing any money.

no deposit bonus comeon

No deposit bonuses normally come with requirements on the number of spins you have to complete before you can withdraw the month as cash; this is normally between 10 and 60 spins and depends entirely on the particular casino you are using.

Free Spins

When it comes to free spins, on the other hand, they are normally offered alongside an initial deposit offer. Casinos in the UK have now termed free spins as bonus spins, to be in accordance with the marketing and advertising rules set out by the UK Gambling Commission.

The thing to keep in mind with free spins is unlike no deposit bonuses, they are only triggered by wagers put in by the player – so essentially, they aren’t free – but more of an extra opportunity to win back some of your cash.

Free spins are most commonly offered on pre-selected slots, especially if they are new. This is used as a promotion incentive to get players using the new game.

150% up to €150 + 50 free spins with no wagering on Big Bad Wolf
Deposit bonus
No Deposit bonus
200% up to €150
Deposit bonus
10 no deposit free spins
No Deposit bonus

Free spins are also often used in the form of a welcome bonus, but they differ from no deposit bonuses in that they can only be obtained once a deposit has been made. The two most common forms of free spins are as a lump sum or spread out over a few days.

For example, a player could get 100 free spins and be allowed to use them immediately; another casino might require this person to split their free spins over the next five days, which would require the player to come back.

We hope that you can now better understand the subtle, but important, difference between no deposit bonuses and free spins. Remember: always check the terms and conditions before playing.


Can You Win Real Money Playing Slots for Free?

Most people are sceptical of anything in a casino that comes with the ‘free’ tag; Free Bonuses, Free Cash Bonus… the list is endless. This is completely understandable given that casinos run a business to make a profit.

So, are they actually free and can you make real money out of them? Well, there’s no simple answer to this question, because it’s a yes and a no.

You do indeed get the cash into your casino account immediately, with no deposit obligations, however, you have to play with the cash that the casino has credited you with – you can’t simply withdraw it in hard cash.

You can use this free cash to play more games and win more money, however, and at the end of the day, you don’t lose anything if you don’t win.

You can certainly still win with a no deposit bonus; you just have to continue playing for a little longer before you can withdraw it.

Wagering requirements are the set of rules and regulations that come with no deposit bonuses and it dictates the number of times you have to play with your free money before you can withdraw it as cash.


no deposit bonus mr green

This fluctuates drastically according to the particular casino, and even game, that you are playing, but once you’ve gotten all your spins in – you are free to withdraw your cash as needed.


What are the most popular types of no deposit bonuses?

Like all bonuses, no deposit bonuses come is all kinds of varieties. The most popular of them all tend to come in the four following forms, however:

  • Bonus Cash: This is cash you receive when you sign up. You will need to check out the wagering requirements and play as many times as required before you can withdraw it.
  • Free Spins: This is when you are given a number of free spins for a certain machine – either when you sign up, or as a bonus, while you play.
  • Free Play: You receive free credits when you sign up, but the catch is that they have to be used in a certain time frame, normally around 30 minutes, so don’t delay.
  • Cashback: If you’ve had a bad week or month, the casino might give you a 10% discount on your favourite machine or something similar with cashback.

What you Should Know About No Deposit Bonus Codes?

As you may have seen by now, almost all casinos have their own rules and regulations when it comes to their processes. This is particularly the case for UK gamblers. As such, you need to be aware of bonus codes; most casinos require these codes in order to withdraw your money.

Using these bonus codes isn’t complicated at all and it all depends on the casino you are playing at and what their processes are.

Some casinos let you use the code in the cashier section, while others will need you to get hold of customer support first.

The casinos with more advanced software often add the code automatically to your account and will automatically detect when you are able to withdraw.

Before playing with your no deposit bonus, check out what the requirements are when it comes to the no deposit bonus codes.


What Do Mobile No Depositers Need to Consider?

Playing in an online casino from your mobile is an exciting prospect and it means that you aren’t restricted to playing at home. Players must always remember to use safe and secure connections and be aware of their surroundings while they play.

no deposit bonus rizk

This is a relatively new venture in the world of online casinos and as such, it is constantly improving over time. It’s safe to say with the rate technology is developing, that mobile gaming in casinos is going to be the next big thing in the industry.

We hope you have enjoyed our comprehensive guide to no deposit bonuses. Now, what are you waiting for? Get playing.



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