How and why to play (real money) slots with PayPal

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Paypal is a well-known online payment service. Millions of people around the world use this extremely simple and convenient method of payment for sending payments to families and friends, as well as sending and receiving payments and other transactions to and from online-based sites and other accounts.

For UK users, it’s also an ideal method of payment to make a deposit at an online casino.

This comes as no surprise since PayPal is the most popular payment services in use today. It’s been around for long 20 years well establishing itself as the leading payment provider for the online marketplace.


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Millions of people around the world use this extremely simple and convenient method of payment for sending payments to families and friends, as well as sending and receiving payments and other transactions to and from online-based sites and other accounts.


The vast majority of UK online casinos accept numerous methods of payment in order for online patrons to make real money deposits into their accounts as well as being able to withdraw funds from the accounts. What makes Paypal such a preferred method is its security, its reputation and the speed in which these online transactions can be made.

Not all casinos currently accept Paypal as a standard payment method, which could be for various reasons, however more and more online operators are turning to this payment giant knowing simply how popular the service is with millions of users around the world.

PayPal is safe

Security is one of the key factors that makes Paypal such a strong and reliable service for dealing with online payments. They have a number of defensive features in place to help protect its customers.

Of course nothing is completely safe and despite Paypal’s numerous defences they are still at the end of the day an online entity that deals with a lot of sensitive data.

And in recent years we have seen again and again that even the strongest and most secure services out there can always be hacked, broken or infiltrated by cyber criminals.

Due to Paypal’s high profile and extensive user base they will always be a target for cyber criminals and so of course there may always the chance of potential data breaches and other security glitches that could occur.

Money sent via a Paypal account is immediately credited to the recipient’s Paypal account meaning that money transfers are almost instantaneous.

This means that payments collected online for goods and services, or online casino winnings, can be made so much quicker than having to allow clearing times you often face with other more traditional bank accounts and payment methods.

It’s a service that has established itself and gained an extremely positive reputation from its years of experience in the online marketplace constantly striving to strengthen both its security and its payment processing.

24h Protection and Monitoring

In order to help combat such public fears Paypal provide an extensive fraud protection program and go a long way in protecting all their customers from fraud, email phishing and identity theft.

They monitor each and every transaction all day every day and anything that could perhaps look suspicious will immediately be flagged for them to investigate further.

They have a dedicated team of security specialists whose sole job it is to identify such activity and they are very much ready to jump in and protect users from fraudulent transactions.

This ensures that such events are found quickly and dealt with in a suitable manner so that users are properly protected and safe from losing their money.

If you do happen to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of begin targeted by scammers or online fraudulent criminals then you are protected by Paypal’s various protection services and conditions.

PayPal is fast

When we’re shopping online or looking to make quick deposits into our online casino accounts we want a way in which we can conveniently make deposits. If you have a credit or debit card connected to your Paypal account you’ll be able to send money and make deposits to another online account very quickly indeed.

That’s an ideal factor to consider especially if you want to take advantage of a special offer that may have a time restriction on it.

Withdrawing funds back into a Paypal account is also swift once your Paypal account is officially verified.

There may be a waiting period, but this will likely be due to the release of funds from the online casino themselves. Ensure that you check all the money clearance periods before you make these tranfers.


The fees relating to a Paypal account are a little more multifaceted. First off it costs you nothing to setup and have a Paypal account and it’s freely available for everyone to use.

Even business owners have the opportunity to use Paypal for all their company-related transactions, whether this is for paying suppliers or receiving payments from customers and clients.

If you’re purchasing goods or services using Paypal you’re also eligible to not have to pay any fees at all.

In addition to this if you are transferring funds to friends of family from either your Paypal balance or a connected bank account the fees are also set at zero. Another important factor when it comes to selecting your preferred online payment merchant.

Fees come into play on Paypal when receive money for goods or services. For each transaction you receive you will automatically be charged 3.4% of the total, including an additional 0.20p fixed cost.

That is applied to all payments received up to the value of £1500. For transactions over £1500 you pay just 29% plus 0.20p.

If you’re sending money to family or friends from your balance or a bank account we’ve already established that there are no feed involved, however, a these aforementioned fees are applied if you choose a debit or credit card as your method of payment.


Whilst Paypal is a widely used online payment merchant there are certain restrictions involved when it comes to using online casinos.

Due to various international gambling laws and other regulations that are in place the use of Paypal could be limited and so it’s important to consider whether or not the online casino you’re looking to use will be able to accept Paypal payments at all.

It’s also worth noting that some casinos, even though they accept Paypal deposits, it may not be an available service to use if you are intending to withdraw funds.

The location of the website you are using is also an important factor to consider as the site itself may be based in a country or location where Paypal has limited access.

If you want to use Paypal then you must investigate initially which reputable casinos around will actually take Paypal if you intend for it to be your main source of payment transfer.

If you’re based in the UK then you will be able to use Paypal for gambling transactions, and this payment method is widely available for most of the top UK sites out there.

Other European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden all accept Paypal and some of these countries will even offer cash withdrawals back through to Paypal meaning you can quickly transfer your winnings right back to your Paypal balance.

Other countries such as Australia and the USA do not currently allow Paypal transactions for online casinos due to various state-based legislations.

Of course laws change constantly and legislation is revised and with the increasing popularity in payment merchants such as Paypal slowly but surely it’s an opportunity being given to more and more online casinos around the world.

Which Quickspin casinos accept PayPal?

Quickspin create some of the most entertaining video slots around and their highly innovate games are featured on hundreds of popular casino and gambling sites. But which of these actually accept Paypal as a viable payment method for making deposits?

There’s currently only two – Mr Green and Comeon:

It must be stressed that there are a wide range of payment options that different Quickspin operators accept (all of them accept Skrill for example). However we will update this list as and when changes occour.

What options do I have if PayPal isn’t offered?

Paypal is just one of many different virtual payment merchants that are often associated with online casinos.

Of course there are the standard debit or credit card transaction options but there are plenty of Paypay alternatives and other eWallet type services you can sign up for to make these transactions swifter.

There is a wide range of alternatives to Paypal which are just as effective and are commonly offered up by casino operators.

Skrill (previously known as Moneybookers), Neteller, EcoPayz and even traditional money wires are other ways in which you can deposit funds into your virtual account.

Quickspin casinos with E-wallets


For those opting for Paypal can very easily make a deposit. Firstly you will have to deposit money into your Paypal account from whatever source you wish to use, whether this be a bank account transfer, or a deposit via a debit or credit card.

Once you’re logged into your casino account you can go to the deposit page and select your preferred method of deposit. You can then enter the amount(s) that you would like to deposit, remembering to adhere to whatever the casinos minimum deposit amount may be.

You’re then taken to a separate page that will connect Paypal and whereby you can login securely to your Paypal account and complete the transaction.

And there you have it your funds will appear immediately in your online casino account ready for you play.

Use PayPal across all devices

Thanks to the Paypal app, available on both Android and iOS, you can now send and receive money even quicker than before. If you own an Apple smartphone you’ll even be able to use the built in thumbprint access facility and sign in to your account.

Aside from smart devices you can run Paypal from any computer as well as in fact from any device you can access the internet from. You can gain single access from all your devices simply by logging into your account.

There’s no need for complicated security code generation or any other additional details you need to remember, much like you often do when you use a more traditional bank account.


If you happen to find a casino that will let you withdraw your winnings to a Paypal account then it’s simply a reversed process. Unfortunately the vast majority of online casinos will not withdraw to Paypal due to various fees and other costs involved in the process for them.

Withdrawing money from your Paypal account back to your bank account is just as easy as making a deposit.

It’s important to remember that there are no charges involved in withdrawing money from your account however some banks may potentially charge a fee for receiving the transfer.

So it could be worth checking with your bank before you attempt to do this.

Again whilst you’re checking with your bank it will also be worth enquiring with them as to how long this type of transfer could take. There could be anything up to a 3-4 business day wait before your money appears back into your bank account.

The withdrawal process itself is fairly straightforward and may differ slightly based on which source or device you’re viewing your account from. Typically beneath your Paypal balance that you will see on screen there will be a button saying “Withdraw money”.

If you click this you’ll be taken to an option where you can select where you’re transferring the money from and choose where you’d like it to go.

All your connected bank accounts will be available for you to choose from and then it’s simply a case of entering the amount that you would like to transfer. Once the transaction is completed you the money will usually take up to 2 hours to appear in your UK bank account.

Once again ensure your bank doesn’t charge you any other unexpected costs or electronic funds transfer fees and also consider potential cross border conversion fees that may apply if you happen to be transferring your money back into a bank account overseas.

You can easily contact your bank first hand to find out more before making any withdrawals.

PayPal limits to withdrawals

If you enjoy playing on a casino that allows Paypal as a payment method it’s worth keeping in mind any particular restrictions you may face when it comes to making a withdrawal. Some casinos may limit the amount of which you can withdraw on a daily basis.

This is often to keep their costs as low as possible and keeping under any particular limitations that may actually be imposed by Paypal themselves. These limitations shouldn’t really hinder your enjoyment of playing on these particular sites and even the threshold for withdrawals will still likely be significantly high.

Generally speaking for new Paypal users you will be faced with an initial limit on the amount you will be able to withdraw. New customers will only be able to withdraw a few hundred from their online account in the first month.

That is until they complete additional steps in order to lift any such imposing withdrawal limit.

Due to security reasons Paypal will automatically place initial limits on your account. Until you carry out some further steps you will only be able to withdraw a certain amount on a monthly basis from when the account was first opened.

Lift Paypal withdrawal limits

Lifting this limit is fairly simple to do and only requires you to add and confirm a bank account as well as a method of payment, such as a debit or credit card.

Once you have added these additional requirements to your account your Paypal account will officially become “verified”.

To remove the limits thereafter you will be required to sign into Paypal where you will be able to lift the limits on your account and you’ll be free to send and receive as much as you need.


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