What makes Quickspin video slots truly unique?

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Online gaming has become immensely popular over the years and millions of people all over the globe regularly log on to play their favourite video slot. As such, there is a great deal of choice for you as a player when you are thinking about which game to play.

Although this is great news for us as consumers, for a video slot developer it presents a challenge. With so much competition, just how do companies stand out from the crowd and grab your attention?

The key to attracting people to a video slot is to make a game that is truly unique and distinct from the rest. Quickspin are the best in the business at doing this, as their range of stunning games proves.

If you have ever played a Quickspin slot, you will know just what makes them special. If not, here are a few reasons why playing one of their slot games is a magical experience that no other company offers.


Truly Immersive gameplay

One of the unique aspects of any Quickspin game is the storytelling within it. From childhood fables to modern glamour and glitz, the games always have a depth to them that really draws you in. The team at Quickspin is fantastic at choosing just what themes players will love and enjoy getting involved with. All this means that their video slots give a gameplay experience that is second to none and will make it more interesting than playing an online slot that doesn’t provide such a deep background story.  

One great touch that Quickspin always include is superb realism relevant to the story of the game being played. This adds to the gameplay and helps involve you even more in the world to which you are being transported. When combined, this adds up to games that really give something extra when compared to others out there.

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Slots Developed by real gamers

What becomes most apparent when you play any Quickspin slot, such as Sticky Bandits or Sakura Fortune, is just how much love goes into them. This is entirely down to the team at Quickspin HQ in Sweden, who love video slots and the gaming sector. The way that the games are designed from the base concept to the actual way they play is obviously with the end user in mind.

Quickspin’s video slots are constructed around what makes the most fun and interesting game to play, which is a refreshing approach. In effect, it is the company ethos and developers who work there that give them their distinct edge, which cannot be found anywhere else.


The Stunning animations

In the world of modern video slot games, players demand the best in terms of animation and graphics. The look of a game is almost as important in terms of enjoying it as other factors, such as the payout percentages.

Quickspin games are ahead of the pack in this regard as they always look amazing! Smooth animation means that the reels roll by sweetly, and any characters that pop up do so in a way that is not jagged or awkward.

The actual graphics themselves are similarly impressive and a notch above other video slots out there. What is really special about how Quickspin design their slots is that the look of a game is always in perfect harmony with its setting. This attention to detail means that a Quickspin online slot is like no other!


Quickspin’s High RTP slots

Although some people will play online slots purely for fun, most of us want to win lots of cash! The way to measure how much money you could potentially make from any slot game is the RTP (or Return to Player) percentage. While this will never be 100% as the casino would not make any money, some games offer into the high 90%s, which is well worth taking note of.

Having a look at the RTP and volatility of a slot will always help you make the right choice of slot game to play.

This is another area in which Quickspin really excel, and they are very generous in how they build their games. Titles such as Joker Strike at 98.11% RTP and Big Bad Wolf at 97.31% RTP show just why Quickspin have an excellent reputation in giving a payout percentage to players that is industry-leading. While some other developers will have certain games with high RTP, Quickspin have a lot, which means that you can always find one that gives you the best chance of winning.

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Fun and varied Bonus games

If you have played video slots online for a period of time, you will have seen that some games will have bonus features within them. These are in addition to the base game of a slot and will usually be where you make the big money! One of the things that makes Quickspin slots unique is the amount of innovative bonus games in each of their titles.

This is a great touch by the company as it means that you will have the opportunity to make more money when playing. Each Quickspin game will usually have two or three bonus games contained within that come up fairly frequently. They are normally a bit different from bonus features in other slots in terms of how they work, which also makes them more interesting to play.


Video slots like no other  

If you are looking for online video slot games that are in a league of their own, then Quickspin games are the natural choice. Although the above points are enough to get you started on their own, when you combine them all into one whole package, the effect is truly amazing.

Ultimately, the question of what makes a game special or unique is down to the feeling that it gives before, during and after playing.

This is where Quickspin lead the field – the feeling that you have when you play one of their titles is something that you just cannot find anywhere else. While there are lots of other video slot developers out there, nothing comes close to matching what a Quickspin slot can offer.