A look at the innovative new features in Dwarves Gone Wild

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With the release of its highly anticipated Dwarves Gone Wild, Quickspin gives players more ways to win than ever before, and combines new features with old favourites for a unique experience. Dwarves Gone Wild is very much a game about luck in which you never quite know what you’re going to get next. That’s what makes it an exciting experience that is different for every player.

What makes Dwarves Gone Wild Quickspin’s Flagship Title of the Year?

There’s more to this 5×3 slot with 20 paylines than a high RTP and winning money. Together with the Seven Dwarves, you dig down deep to discover what the mine you find yourself in really has to offer. Each dwarf has his own personality and a special skill to help you on your journey.

With every win you fill a golden mine cart, which in turn adds to the mine cart metre at the left-hand side of the screen. Each of these carts represents a feature that’s going to unlock during the free spins round.

If you stop your game with mine carts already filled, you don’t simply have to abandon them. Instead you can save your progress and return at a later time.

You trigger the free spins round with three scatter symbols. It’s during the free spins that Dwarves Gone Wild really goes wild. Depending on how many mine carts you filled before triggering your free spins, you benefit from up to seven features to boost your winnings.

How are you going to win today?

The free spins features you’ve unlocked with the golden mine carts are assigned in random order. In each round, one of the Seven Dwarves comes to your aid to help increase your wins, but you never know who it’s going to be or how exactly their appearance is going to influence the game in your favour.

The huntsman for example leaves a wild at a strategically great position, but where that is depends on how the reels look at the time of his arrival.

The banker multiplies your wins, but you never know if he’s going to multiply them by x2, x3 or even x5.

Bomber, a dwarf with fiery red hair and equally fiery explosives in his arsenal, decides seemingly at random what the best position to blow the reels up might be, leaving random wilds in the wake of the explosion.

This random element to every feature adds some excitement – you know you’re going to win either way, but how well it can go is still up to chance.

The same goes for Snow White, the highest paying symbol in the game. She isn’t just a symbol you want to win with, but comes with a mystery feature. If the symbol lands on reel 3, even bigger wins are guaranteed.

With the game supporting Quickspin’s Achievement Engine and the possibility to be included in Quickspin Tournaments, you’re sure to get a lot of additional mileage out of this title.

Find a casino to play Dwarves Gone Wild

If you’re anxious to play Dwarves Gone Wild and experience its features for yourself, you can do so at one the Quickspin casinos we have found for you. The best offers and new promotions are just a click away. We list the best places to enjoy a Quickspin game and snap up top offers for new players and always keep an eye out for new additions.


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