Quickspin Introduces Tournament Feature for Added Fun

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As fans of Quickspin slot games we’re sure you know all about their Achievements Engine, the developer’s unique way of rewarding you for playing their games and adding additional satisfaction to skilled play and luck in each game. With the Achievements Engine, Quickspin has added ways to win to their games that go beyond winning money in order to ensure fun for everyone, simply by offering special rewards for unlocking in-game events such as hitting certain symbols or gaining bonuses.

The Tournament Feature is another important step in this direction – not only will you be able to play for fun, you can also measure yourself against other players. Multiplayer tournaments offer the excitement of competitive play with low risk, counteracting the myth that playing at an online-casino is a lonely matter all about draining your funds.

You can try the new feature in select Quickspin slots right here at Quickspin Casinos and see for yourself how your favourite games have been enhanced to give you a more social and stimulating experience.

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How do Tournaments work?

Since Quickspin will make tournaments a regular feature together with their Achievents Engine, they could work slightly different than the casino tournaments you may already know. The Tournament feature is an addition to your favourite games and the achievements you have already been able to earn since the introduction of the Achievements Engine. There is no special buy-in and no race against the clock, just the knowledge that you can gain points for a little something extra and the reminder of playing as part of a larger community.

Every game features a number of different Achievements that once you reached them, earns you points. The events differ slightly from game to game but can include winning a certain amount of money, hitting scatter symbols or winning free spins. Our Quickspin casinos will now be able to offer you tournaments based on these Achievements too.

The Tournament Feature enhances this by adding certain time-sensitive goals, changing rewards and a leader board. Thanks to the Tournament Feature, now you will always know how you are faring in comparison to other players.

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Added variety for every Quickspin game

Every casino will be able to add its own unique flavour to the Tournament feature by embedding the points you earn in local promotions and developing limited-time tournaments that offer special rewards for making it to the top of the leader board – when it comes to ways to use this feature, the sky is the limit for your favourite casino, while all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Depending on how casinos use the feature, the incentive of gaining a place on the leader board can lead you to trying a new Quickspin slot and discovering a new favourite or trying new strategies to beat the competition.

Finding yourself in competition with others, strangers and friends alike, and the possibility of winning something beyond money can be a thrilling prospect that adds a lot of excitement and shows Quickspin is trying to get more out of its games.  Remember to play for fun and set responsible limits for yourself and the satisfaction of winning in more ways than one will certainly persist.